The Adulterous Woman

Reading Assignment:

John 7:53-8:11


Did you understand what you read?

  1. When everyone left after the feast, where did Jesus go?
  2. Where was Jesus on the following morning? Who was with him? What was he doing?
  3. Who brought a woman to Jesus? What was the charge against her?
  4. Did they know what the law demanded in this case? Why were they bringing such a case to Jesus?
  5. Read Leviticus 20:10 and Deuteronomy 22:22. What is missing in the scene John describes for us?
  6. What did Jesus do instead of answering them?
  7. Did the Pharisees allow themselves to be ignored?
  8. What did Jesus finally tell them to do?
  9. What did the accusers do? Why would the older men leave first?
  10. Read Deuteronomy 17:6. What is required to carry out a death penalty? How many witnesses against the woman were there?
  11. Did Jesus say the woman was without sin?
  12. Why did he send her away?
  13. Trace Jesus’ travels in this lesson. Mark the places of significant events.

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