Controversy at the Feast of Booths

Reading Assignment:

John 7:11-52


Did you understand what you read?

  1. What were the various thoughts about Jesus being shown at the Feast of Booths in Jerusalem?
  2. Though Jesus went quietly to the feast, what did he begin to do at the temple?
  3. Why would people conclude that Jesus was uneducated? Where did Jesus claim to have been educated?
  4. What charge did Jesus bring against the people? What was their reaction?
  5. What had Jesus done that he claims had gotten the people riled at him?
  6. Until Jesus had mentioned that prior event, did the people recognize him? Did the rulers recognize Jesus as the Christ? Why did the people think he was not the Christ?
  7. Why couldn’t the people turn Jesus over to the authorities who were seeking him?
  8. What caused many people to believe that Jesus was the Christ?
  9. When Jesus said he would be leaving, where did the people think he was planning to go?
  10. What was the living water Jesus offered the people on the last day of the feast?
  11. What controversy arose on the last day of the feast? What were the various thoughts about Jesus?
  12. The chief priests and Pharisees had sent officers to arrest Jesus during the feast. Why did these men come back empty handed?
  13. What proof did Pharisees offer that Jesus was not the Christ? What excuse did they offer for the crowd favoring Jesus?
  14. What did Nicodemus suggest? Was his suggestion supportive of Jesus? Why was he accused of being from Galilee?
  15. Trace Jesus’ travels in this lesson. Mark the places of significant events.

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