The Cost of Following Jesus: The Gospel Accounts: A Chronological Harmony

The Cost of Following Jesus

Reading Assignment:

Matthew 8:19-22; 19:1
Luke 9:51-62
John 7:2-10


Did you understand what you read?

  1. What did Jesus’ brother’s advise him to do? Why did they suggest this?
  2. Why did Jesus turn down their suggestion?
  3. What did he say the brothers should do instead?
  4. After turning the brothers down, why did Jesus go secretly?
  5. Why did some Samaritans reject Jesus as he journeyed?
  6. How did the disciples want to solve this problem?
  7. As they traveled, what did one man offer to do for Jesus? Was it a sincere offer?
  8. What did Jesus ask a second man to do? What excuse was given?
  9. What did a third man offer to do for Jesus? What condition did he place on his offer? What did Jesus’ response to this man mean?
  10. Trace Jesus’ travels in this lesson. Mark the places of significant events.

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