Feeding of Over Five Thousand: The Gospel Accounts: A Chronological Harmony

The Feeding of Over Five Thousand

Reading Assignment:

Matthew 14:13-21
Mark 6:30-44
Luke 9:10-17
John 6:1-14

Did you understand what you read?

  1. How did Jesus respond to the news that John had been murdered?
  2. Who came back about the time the news of John’s death arrived to Jesus?
  3. Instead of being alone, what did Jesus end up doing instead? Why?
  4. What were the disciples concerned about when evening came?
  5. Instead of sending the people away, what did Jesus tell the disciples to do?
  6. How many people were present?
  7. How much food did they start with? How much was eaten? How much leftover did they have?
  8. Was faith required for this miracle to happen?
  9. What is so significant about this event, do you think, that all four accounts contain it?
  10. Trace Jesus’ travels in this lesson. Mark the places of significant events.

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