Calming of the Sea and Other Events

Reading Assignment:

Matthew 8:23-34; 12:46-50
Mark 3:20-35; 4:35-5:20
Luke 8:19-39

Did you understand what you read?

  1. Who accused Jesus of using Satan's power?
  2. Why was Jesus seemingly uneager to see his family? What point was he making?
  3. Can we conclude that Mary had additional children besides Jesus?
  4. Using a Bible map, from where to where did Jesus and the disciples sail?
  5. Why did the calming of the storm shock the disciples after they had seen Jesus perform so many other miracles?
  6. What did the demon possessed man call Jesus? What did the demons what from Jesus?
  7. Who chose for the demons to enter the swine herd? What happened to the herd?
  8. After miraculously healing the demon possessed man, why would the towns people ask Jesus to leave?
  9. Why did Jesus refuse the demon possessed man to join him? What did he want the man to do instead?
  10. Trace Jesus’ travels in this lesson. Mark the places of significant events.

Lesson Text