Jesus’ Birth and Childhood

Reading Assignment:

Matthew 2:1-23
Luke 2:1-52

Exodus 13:2
Leviticus 12:1-8
Numbers 24:17
Deuteronomy 16:1-8
I Samuel 2:26
I Timothy 3:16

Did you understand what you read?

1.         Why did Joseph have to travel to Bethlehem?

2.         Where did Joseph and Mary have to stay? Why? What happened there?

3.         Who were told of Jesus’ birth? Why weren’t the leaders of Israel told?

4.         What man met Joseph and Mary when they went for Mary’s purification and presentation of their first born? What was special about this man?

5.         What woman also met Joseph and Mary at the temple? What was notable about this woman?

6.         Who came to visit from the kingdom of the Medes? How many came? How old do you think Jesus was when they came?

7.         How did Herod know where to find the Christ?

8.         How did Jesus get left behind in Jerusalem when he was twelve? Was he being disobedient?

9.         What did Jesus mean by “his Father’s business?” Did Joseph and Mary understand what he meant?

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