The Announcement of John and Jesus' Births: The Gospel Accounts: A Chronological Harmony

The Announcements of John and Jesus’ Births

Reading Assignment:

Matthew 1:18-25
Luke 1:5-80

Numbers 6:3
Psalms 103:17
Isaiah 7:14
Isaiah 9:6-7
Malachi 3:1

Did you understand what you read?


1.         Why was Zacharias afraid? Why was he struck mute?

2.         What was Elizabeth’s reaction to the announcement?

3.         The boy to be born would live what type of life? What Old Testament practice was similar to this lifestyle?

4.         What was the purpose of John’s life?

5.         Why didn’t Zacharias and Elizabeth’s relatives like the name John?

6.         When was Mary told she would give birth to the Messiah?

7.         What does the name Jesus mean?

8.         What difficulty did Mary see with the things the angel told her? What was the answer? What proof was offered to Mary?

9.         What evidence was given so that we might be fairly confident that Joseph was not the father of Jesus?

10.       What was Joseph’s reaction when he found out that Mary was pregnant? What changed his mind?

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