Joseph Tests His Brothers

Read Genesis 42-45


  1. Why did Jacob send his sons to Egypt? Who did not go?
  2. What did Joseph accuse his brothers of doing? What proof did he demand of their innocence?
  3. On their return trip to Canaan, what did one brother find in his sack?
  4. Did Jacob hold out any hope for Simeon's return?
  5. What forced Jacob to send the brothers to Egypt a second time? Since Benjamin had to go, who took responsibility for him?
  6. What strange thing happened when the brothers were brought to dine at Joseph's house?
  7. Who was accused of stealing Joseph's cup?
  8. What did Judah say to Joseph that made Joseph decide to reveal himself?
  9. Did the brothers find any comfort in learning that the man they had been dealing with was their brother Joseph? Why?