The Rise of Joseph

Read Genesis 39-41


  1. What position did Joseph gained in Potiphar's house? Why?
  2. Give two reasons Joseph refused to have sex with Potiphar's wife.
  3. What did Potiphar's wife accuse Joseph of doing? Why was she believed?
  4. What did Joseph end up doing while in prison?
  5. What was the dream of the cupbearer (or butler)? What did it mean?
  6. What was the dream of the baker? What did it mean?
  7. What favor did Joseph ask of the cupbearer? How long did it take him to remember?
  8. Describe Pharaoh's two dreams. What was the meaning of the dreams?
  9. In all cases, to whom did Joseph credit his ability to interpret dreams?
  10. How did Pharaoh reward Joseph?