Problems in Jacob's Family: Genesis

Problems in Jacob's Family

Read Genesis 34-36


  1. Why did Dinah go to the town of Shechem?
  2. What happened between Dinah and Hamor's son, Shechem?
  3. How did Jacob learn about what had happened?
  4. What did the sons of Jacob demand for a dowry?
  5. What did Simeon and Levi do three days after the men of Shechem were circumcised?
  6. Why did Jacob move to Bethel? What was left behind?
  7. What happened to Rachel as the family traveled to Ephrath?
  8. What happened between Reuben and Bilhah near the tower of Eder?
  9. How old was Isaac when he died? Who was present at his funeral?
  10. Why did Esau move to Mt. Seir?