Jacob's Wives

Read: Genesis 29-30


  1. Why do you suppose Jacob wanted the shepherds to hurry up and water their sheep?
  2. How long did Jacob live with Laban before Laban offered him a job? What were the terms of employment?
  3. How did Laban cheat Jacob on his payment? What was Laban's excuse?
  4. In order to marry Rachel, what did Jacob have to do?
  5. What caused the two sisters to be jealous?
  6. Since Rachel was unable to have children, what did she do?
  7. When Leah thought she was past the childbearing age, what did she do? How did Leah find out that she was still able to have children?
  8. Look up "mandrake" in a dictionary or encyclopedia. What was mandrake used for?
  9. When Jacob was ready to leave, what did Laban agree to give him so that Jacob would stay?