Isaac's Children

Reading: Genesis 25:20 - 26:35


  1. What problem did Isaac and Rebekah have concerning children?
  2. How did Rebekah learn she would have twins? What prophecy was made concerning her children?
  3. Why did Isaac love Esau? Who did Rebekah love?
  4. What did Esau sell for a bowl of red bean soup? What nickname did he pick up because of this?
  5. Because of a famine, where did Isaac move? Why didn't he go to Egypt as Abraham had done?
  6. What lie did Isaac tell Abimelech? How did Abimelech find out it was a lie?
  7. How prosperous did Isaac become? What problem arose because of his wealth?
  8. What did Esau do when he was 40? What did his parents think about this?