The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

Reading: Genesis 18:16-19:38


  1. Why did God decide to tell Abraham about the upcoming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah?
  2. Since God is all knowing, why would He need to visit the cities?
  3. Why would God allow Abraham to bargain with him over the fate of the cities?
  4. Who met the two angels by the city gate? What did he insist that they do?
  5. Who surrounded Lot's house? Were the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah isolated to a certain social class within the cities?
  6. What were the men of the city wanting? What did Lot offer them instead?
  7. Who did Lot try to convince to flee the city? At a minimum how many people would that have been? How many actually left?
  8. Where was Lot and his family to flee? What restriction was given to them? When did the destruction start?
  9. Why do you think Lot's wife look back? (See II Peter 2:18-22)
  10. Why did Lot's daughters decide to get their father drunk?
  11. What two nations descended from Lot?