Reaffirming God's Promises

Reading: Genesis 17:1-18:15

  1. Compare Genesis 17:1 to Genesis 12:4. How long has Abram been waiting for God to fulfill His promise of a son?
  2. God changed Abram's name to Abraham. What does Abraham mean? By accepting and using his new name, even though he had no heir, what does this say about Abraham's trust in God?
  3. As further evidence of accepting God's covenant, what did God want all male descendants of Abraham and their households to have done to them?
  4. This is the first time Sarai is mentioned by name in the covenant. What was Abraham's reaction to learn that his son would be born to Sarah? Was this a sign of disbelief?
  5. Abraham asks that Ishmael not be left out of the blessings. What did God promise to do for Ishmael?
  6. Who appeared to Abraham at the oaks of Mamre? Whom did Abraham actually see?
  7. How did Abraham treat these strangers? Did he know who they were?
  8. What was Sarah reaction to the news she would bear a son? What was different between her reaction and that shown by Abraham earlier?