The Flood

Reading: Gen. 6:9-8:19

  1. Describe the ark (what it was made of, it's shape, and how large it was).
  2. How many animals were taken on the ark? How could the ark hold that much?
  3. When did the rains start after Noah entered the ark? How long did the rains last? Besides the rains, where else did the waters come from?
  4. Some say that the flood was a local flood and not world-wide. What phrases in this account makes you believe it was one or the other?
  5. How long did the earth remain under water? How long did it take for the waters to recede? Where did all the water go?
  6. How did Noah determine when the earth was dry enough to exit the ark?
  7. Altogether, how long did Noah and his family stay on the ark?