The Fall of Man

Read Genesis 3


  1. Read James 1:13-16. These verses describe the steps in the path to destruction. It starts with our desires and ends with death. List each step. Match the steps with what happened to Eve in Genesis 3.
  2. Read I John 2:15-17. Satan uses three avenues to tempt us to commit sin. What are they? Which did he use against Eve?
  3. Read I Timothy 2:14. Why did Eve sin? (Bonus: Why do you think Adam sinned?)
  4. Look at Genesis 2:16-17 and Genesis 3:2-3. What is different?
  5. Why did Adam and Eve hide from God?
  6. Whom did Adam say caused him to sin? Whom did Eve say caused her to sin?
  7. What was the serpent's punishment?
  8. What was the woman's punishment?
  9. What was the man's punishment?
  10. Why were Adam and Eve cast out of the garden?