Assignment 7: How to Study the Bible In-Depth: Galatians

How to Study the Bible

An In-Depth Study of the Book of Galatians

Assignment Seven


          Locate words which indicate that a conclusion or a summary is being drawn, such as “therefore,” “then,” “even so.” Mark the beginning of each conclusion with three dots, one above the word and two below.


          Locate the points being made to support a conclusion. Points often begin with “for,” “for this reason,” “because,” “and,” “but,” or “now.” Mark the points that lead to each conclusion with circles above the first word. Note that at times points are made to support a conclusion after the conclusion is stated.


          Make a lists of all verses in Galatians dealing with grace, spirit, faith, promise, works, and justification. Besides each verse, write a brief statement that summarizes what the verse says about this topic. When you are done, think about how you would organize the ideas presented in order to tell someone else what Paul taught on these subjects.