Mr. Lonely

I've been digging through documents to find some explanations for the changes I've been seeing in you these last few months. I learned that marijuana attacks certain regions of the brain, one of those is the seat of emotions. Marijuana damps your emotional responses, which then changes the way you behave.

When your emotions are suppressed, you feel less connected to other people. Not only do you feel isolated from other people, you then disconnect from people. What a trap Satan lays because the drug becomes a barrier between you and the very thing that every man needs most. "And the LORD God said, "It is not good that man should be alone" (Genesis 2:18). We aren't designed for a lonely existence. It kills us spiritually.

Satan then chains you down in an endless cycle that has no solution. Marijuana makes you feel disconnected from friends, so you feel lonely and depressed, so you go back to the slave master for another dose to dampen your emotions, which leaves you further disconnected from the world. "O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?" (Romans 7:24).

My friend, I see the trap. If the Lord wills, I'm not going to stay away and let you deceive yourself into thinking that no one understands or cares. I love you, and I won't let you go.