II Corinthians

Looking at the Content


1.         Read through the entire book of II Corinthians, preferably in one sitting. Read it like you would a letter written to you from a friend. This will give you an overall feel for what the book is about.

2.         Read through the entire book of II Corinthians a second time and this time jot down answers to the following questions:

            a.         Make a list of frequently repeated words, phrases or ideas.

            b.         Who are the people mentioned in II Corinthians?

            c.         What events are mentioned which might help us date the book?

            d.         What locations are mentioned?

3.         What kind of book is II Corinthians? (Historical, Biographical, Poetic, Proverbial, Prophetic, Instructional, or a combination?)

4.         Mark the locations and events, using different colors for each place or event.