Social Drinking

by Floyd Thompson

Many times in trying to justify social drinking people will use as a defense Paul's admonition to Timothy in I Timothy 5:23, which says, "use a little wine for thy stomach's sake, and thine often infirmities."

I think this passage has not been thoroughly discussed until we recognize that Timothy was a total abstainer, even to the point of hurting his health. Then the question would be, "why did Timothy totally abstain?" I think I can answer that with one word - "influence."

Another expression in this verse is "use a little wine." To me the
connotation is "use, as you would a medication." I get a totally different picture from the two words "use" and "drink." Most translations bear out this concept. Wine, used to relieve stomach disorders, would be good for Timothy. As a beverage for feeling "high," it is not recommended at all.