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New Testament Word Search

by Netagene Kirkpatrick

  1. The names of all the books, plus the numbers of some of the books in word form, for a total of 23 words.
  2. What this covenant of books is sometimes called – 2 words.
  3. Two of the three who are Deity – a total of 3 words (Matthew 1, Luke 11).
  4. The items of the first miracle performed by one of the aforementioned Deities – 2 words (John 2).
  5. Two men who had died, one in torments and one with Abraham – 3 words (Luke 16).
  6. A common word for the spiritual kingdom established by this Deity – (Matthew 16).
  7. Another word to describe the Deity referred to – 1 word (noun form of a verb in Matthew 1 and Luke 19).
  8. The verb referred to in the verse in Matthew 1.
  9. In the “Beatitudes”, those with this heartfelt attitude will see God – (Matthew 5).
  10. The man who placed a kiss of death on Deity – (Luke 22).
  11. One of a Jewish sect who was involved in the betrayal – (Matthew 15, etc.).
  12. The instrument on which thousands of people died – (John 19).
  13. The first man chosen to preach to the Gentiles, and one of his companions – 2 words (Acts 13, 15).
  14. When we do this, we are not servants of God – (Romans 6, etc.)
  15. The Messiah came to do this for the lost – (Luke 19).
  16. Something of ours that is described as a vapor – (James 4).
  17. Christians in the assembly are to do this with grace and to encourage each other – (Colossians 3).
  18. One man to whom a letter was written, told to let no one despise him because of this.
  19. The dead in Christ will be the first to do this when Christ returns – (I Thessalonians 4).
  20. The Messiah is called this flower that grows on a coastal plain in a popular hymn – (Song of Solomon 2).
  21. My motto should be … the 15 leftover letters, 5 words (I Peter 2:21, part of the title of an 1896 novel).

Answer Key