I stopped eating meat after watching a documentary



I am a vegetarian and I have been one for over a year now. The reason I decided to not eat meat anymore is because I watched a documentary that showed me how meat was processed and injected with steroids and different chemicals. Ever since then, I haven't ate any meat, but my conscious for some reason keeps telling me to eat meat because we all are going to die one day anyway. Am I wrong for not eating meat anymore just because of a documentary I seen? Should I just eat meat and have faith?


"The first to plead his case seems right, until another comes and examines him" (Proverbs 18:17).

The problem is that you got information from only one source and that source was designed to create an emotional response in the viewers. You don't have balancing information in regards to the accuracy of the information. For example:

  • Is all animals given steroids?
  • What are the purposes of the injections?
  • Are any of these carried over into the meat?
  • Are organic sources also problems?
  • What would the food supply be like if diseases were not treated in animals?

There is nothing wrong with a vegetarian diet, so long as you make sure you get balanced proteins. However, there is no evidence that a vegetarian diet is superior to a meat-eating diet.