How does the cave man fit in with the human race?


How does the cave man fit in with the human race?  I do not believe in the theory of evolution, but I have always wondered how the cave man fits with what the Holy Bible says.


You need to remember that no one has actually observed cave men in the past. Rather cave men are the speculation of people who have found traces of human occupation in various caves. But consider if you and I went on a hunting trip in a wilderness. It would be useful to set up camp in a cave -- protection from the elements and even air temperatures would be a bonus. But would we really be cave men or men living in caves temporarily?

Because of the influence of evolution, people assume that those in the past lived very primitively. Yet, a reading of Genesis shows that people very quickly became sophisticated in their lives. Cain was a farmer and his brother was a herdsman (Genesis 4:2). A city was started by Cain for his son (Genesis 4:17). In a few generations we find nomads (Genesis 4:20), musical instrument makers (Genesis 4:21), and a blacksmith working with iron and bronze (Genesis 4:22). This is what people have always done. As people settle new areas, they quickly specialize in trades that grow more complex over time.

There really has never been a time when people lived primitively in caves like the imagined cave men, except in temporary circumstances.

The idea that there was a race of people who lived extremely primitively is a figment of various artists' imaginations.

I get what you are saying, but I still need a little more clarity, if you would. What about the following: Hominid, Homo Habalis, Homo Erectus, Homo Neanderthal, and finally Homo Sapiens? Please don't think me contentious. I am a true believer in creation and am searching for understanding.

Homo Sapien is just another name for modern humans.

The Neanderthals are just another group of human beings. See: Neanderthals Are Still Human!

Homo Erectus is also human. See: How Coherent Is the Human Evolution Story?

Homo Habalis is an extinct form of ape. See: Startling Discoveries Support Creation

Hominid is just a general classification that includes apes and men.

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