What do you do if you can't worship with faithful brethren?


I've read everything I could find on your page concerning worship alone. I know already that communion and singing are out of the question. So where does that leave someone who is in prison for life or far away from anyone or group that teaches and holds to sound doctrine? I'm sure you could have a long list of scenarios but I'll just use these two.

Good bless and thanks for all the great material.


First, let's be clear that exceptions do not make the rules. Difficulties in fulfilling God's laws does not nullify those laws.

There can be numerous situations where a person is unable to follow a particular law. A person can become bedridden because of an accident, disease, or old age. Regardless of the situation, a Christian does what he is able to do.

I knew one man who was converted while in the Navy. When he returned home, the nearest congregation was over 100 miles away. He proceeded to convert his girlfriend, whom he later married. They held Bible studies around their kitchen table and over time built up a church.

I know another man who ended up in prison. He found another Christian in the same prison. They also got in contact with a local preacher near the prison, who came in to hold Bible classes and worship services. Through their efforts, they taught other prisoners the Bible.

Another woman I heard of had to enter a nursing home because she became too frail. Brethren came and visited with her and worship with her. But more important, she taught her caregivers the gospel, which led to at least one conversion.

But consider that Paul spent two years in prison in Caesaria and two years in Rome; yet, despite the awkward situation he managed to teach his guards and those who came to visit him.

Exceptions don't define the rules, but you don't stop doing what you can do in whatever situation you find yourself.