Do parents need to explain why they made their decision?


Not to long ago I asked you a question about honoring parents. You led me to some very helpful links. Thanks.

My new question to you is: What if the parents abuse their power? For an example, what if a child owns a car, wants to drive it, and the parents tell them not to? When the child asks , "Why" their response is "Just because." I guess what I'm really trying to ask is: what if the parents have no good motive for their reasoning? What if they just try to mess with the child, even though what they are asking the child to do is not sinful. Should one just follow their commands? If this is the case what should both the child and the parents do?


Often a parent does not give a reason because they don't have the time, don't want to answer dozens of questions questioning their judgment, or don't want to leave the impression that obedience only comes if the child agrees to the decision. Such silence does not mean they are abusing their authority.

While you are minor in your parents' home, you need to do as they say, so long as what they decide does not violate the commands of the Lord. Agreement on your part is not necessary.

If you are curious to understand their reasoning, so that you can one day become as wise as them, then let them know that you will do as they directed, but you would appreciate knowing why, so you can make better requests in the future.