I got a girl pregnant twice and now I have no life


I impregnated a girl over ten years ago. I told her that I couldn't marry her. I went to university and tried to assist her to developed academically too, which all effort was abortive. I was taking care of the baby and paying all the bills. After some time, she has another baby with a different guy. I still kept taking care of my baby, while the baby was still with her, and after trying to take the child from her a few years ago, which her family refused. Now I was so foolish as to get her impregnated again. She is saying she wants to marry me, which i have tried to work out many times, but it was not fruitful. I have no life again, no value from all around me, and I can't do anything again. I am doomed. Please, I need any help you can give me.


I'm trying to figure out what you are looking for in the way of help. You committed fornication with a girl and got her pregnant. Rather than learn from this that it is wrong, you apparently continued, at least with the same girl, if not others. So you now have two children with a woman who has sex with multiple men.

You said that you did not want to marry her ten years ago. You said she wants to marry you and it appears you considered it this second time, but you did not state why it did not work out.

While you have financial responsibility for your children, you said you have no life, but did not explain why. I don't understand why you say you have no value and cannot do anything. I appears to me that you made a number of foolish mistakes in the past, but that doesn't mean you can't change and make your future better.