Wow! What a site!



I recently began going to a church of Christ. One of the brothers directed me to your site as a reference for a topic we were discussing. I wanted to say, "Wow, what a site!" It seems Jeff Hamilton is working hard. Perhaps this email has gone to Mr. Hamilton. Hopefully I'll get to meet you one day. If this is your work, with the outlines and sermons, then, wow, you seem to be an incredible resource to learning of Christ Jesus.

Love and God bless you,


I'm glad you are finding the material useful. Since the website contains 15 years of postings, it does look impressive.

Yes sir,

Thank you for your quick response. Glory to God for giving you a mind to be that organized and generous with your work. It reminds me of a Scripture, "Neither do men light a lamp, and put it under a bushel, but on a lamp stand; and it gives light unto all that are in the house." (Matthew 5:15). That seems to always be a fight: to keep life from being about our ourselves and, rather, for life to be about us loving God and then each other; especially in an age where love, and so much more, is getting redefined. For us, while in the world, it is not an option to not really believe there is a solid Rock of Truth who has been the same yesterday, today and forever more; instead, we seem to keep going from one pleasure to the next without a lamp to our feet and nothing to show for progress, despite shouting we're progressing.

I'm glad to finally be learning of the Truth, Jesus, despite being nothing without Him.

Again, good job!