I got sidetracked by your article on jealousy and used it for a lesson in my Bible class


Dear Sir:

I just want to express my thanks for the La Vista website. I am a member of the church of Christ. I preach and teach from time to time and have had occasion to use your website for research many times. Today, I was preparing for tomorrow's Sunday School lesson in Junior High on I Corinthians 10:17-22. I got sidetracked because in my research I ran across your article on jealousy. Those kids need to know the difference between godly jealousy and the hurtful jealousy of mankind. I "freely borrowed" and edited the whole thing. Extremely well written. Thank you so very much. It saved a ton of research.


Borrowing the material posted is encouraged. I'm glad you found the website useful in your studies and hope that it continues to be that way for you.