Which book should be first, Job or Genesis?


I'm confused. A brother mentioned what I understood to mean that Job was to be the first book in the Bible and not Genesis. Since then I have done my own research and am now seriously confused. The way I see it is "Does it really matter?" There are considerably good point's brought up either way. Regardless, what does it prove either way? The way I see it and "I could be wrong" and that wouldn't hurt my feelings, but it doesn't really change anything regardless of which one is first. The good thing about all of this is that I opened my Bible and did some research, as did many other's I would hope. If I'm totally wrong and causing trouble which I certainly don't want to do, please feel free not to reply to me. However if it does make a significant difference let me know. Thank you both for the time you have taken to review my question. May the Lord Jesus bless us all.


If the Bible was ordered by the date when a book was written, then, yes, Job is probably the first book of the Bible written. The events in that book take place roughly in the time of Abraham and if we assume it was written soon after the events, then it predates the writings of Moses.

However, the Bible is not laid out in the order the books are written. They are grouped by the type of books. For the Old Testament: Law (5 books), History (12 books), Wisdom (5 books), Major Prophets (5 books), Minor Prophets (12 books). For the New Testament: Gospels (4 books), History (1 book), Letters of Paul to Churches (9 books), Letters of Paul to Individuals (4 books), General letters (8 books), Prophecy (1 book). Within each group the books are roughly in time order.