How do I stop the curse of women in my family not marrying?


The issue I am about to ask might be foreign in your part of the world. However, if you can understand, I would like to get some help.

In my family there has been an issue of girls not being able to get married. Some of my cousins have run off with married men. Some have just got pregnant and hence started to live as a family with the men. Some have just gotten babies with different men. Others are now in their early thirties and still single. While they really desire to get married, they cannot meet anyone or continue to have boyfriends who are just put off by something, so that the cannot marry them.

I am 22 and have not been able to have a real boyfriend. I have been single for so long and I want a boyfriend.

There has been speculation about an evil curse or an act of witchcraft which is affecting the girls in my family. The elders say that years ago my grandfather helped a blind woman by proving shelter for her within his household. It happened that the woman died while living there and it's said that she said because I have died within the house of a stranger not a girl from this family will know marriage. From what has been happening in my family, it appears it might be true that there is a curse.

I have prayed asking God to make me the exception and stop the chain of girls not being married properly and give me a boyfriend. However, I feel like I might need the help of someone to pray about the issue. I want to ask if it is OK to go to a prophet who is popular in healing people and removing spiritual curses or demons. The prophet has a TV channel, which I have been viewing a lot and there are testimonies of people who have been healed at his church. Some women there have had spirits come out of them saying she has a spiritual husband, which would not allow them to marry, or have a boyfriend and the prophet helped them. I don't want to grow old and not have a husband of my own, and even now not having a boyfriend bothers me. My friends make it worse by saying my situation is weird, "How come you are almost graduating college and you have no boyfriend?"

I have been in love once in my life, but the guy hurt me as I discovered I was the other woman. He is now married to the girl he always told me was his ex. It also bothers me why I have not been able to meet someone else who made me feel like he did. Having said all this, I am wondering how can I make my situation different from my cousins? I do pray a lot about this, but then again I want to believe my cousins also did as they are Christians. Can God allow us to be haunted by a curse and can I really pray by myself to conquer this or I can go to the prophet? I believe God cannot be over powered by the power of witches, but my question is how come prayer alone has not been able to help some people's situations? This then gives me the idea that maybe going to the prophet who is more powerful might help.

I hope you can understand my story and see what am worried about.


We need to start with basic facts that you may have a hard time accepting.

First, while there are people who claim to practice witchcraft, the Bible makes it clear that they are practicing deception. There is no power in witchcraft. See: Is Witchcraft Real?

Second, God doesn't use prophets today. He stated quite clearly the prophecies would cease. Yes, there are people who claim to be prophets, but what they are practicing is deception. See: How can prophecy cease when people claim to be prophets today?

All I see are some people searching for an explanation for why so many of the women in your family have not married. I wonder if the story about the death of the blind woman your grandfather helped was an actual fact or an embellishment -- especially since it appears the story has the woman pronouncing a curse after her death. I also wonder why anyone would curse the person who took care of them in their old age anyway. Why do these elders see being hospitable as something bad? Or do they think that a host can prevent the death of a person whom the Lord decides her time has come?

While you state that the women in your family are Christians, what you describe are women disobeying God. Many have been having sex outside of marriage, and I assume that includes you as well; that is the sin of fornication. "Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God" (I Corinthians 6:9-10). You then wonder why God doesn't answer the prayers of people who are not obeying His commands?

Focus on following the Lord in truth. Learn His word. Make it a part of your life. Then when you go to God in prayer, you can be confident that He hears your prayers. Don't ascribe power to people that they do not have. God alone is in charge.

You find a boyfriend by looking for a man you respect enough to marry. You hold yourself in honor so that you refuse to have sex or do the things that lead up to sex until the man commits himself to you in marriage.