Should my girlfriend share an apartment with an unmarried guy?


My girlfriend and I are in a sticky situation and I would like some godly advice on this matter. We are currently in a long distance relationship because of our education and live a few hours apart. She lives in an apartment with a roommate of hers. Her roommate can no longer afford to pay rent as it is quite expensive ($800/month per person). She wants to sublease her portion for the remainder of the year. Her roommate has found an offer so far, but it is from a male. My girlfriend has expressed her discomfort to her roommate about living with a man, but her roommate reassured her saying she will keep looking. Obviously I am bothered also as I do not like the idea of my girlfriend living with another man all by herself for half a year. I am worried that nobody will pick up her sublease and she will resort to subleasing it to the guy. Am I over exaggerating (I believe the guy is in a relationship?) or do I have a right to be concerned?


Yes, there is cause for concern. It is sad that what used to be a given understanding is no longer considered. Unmarried people of the opposite sex should not be living in the same quarters. The temptations are just too great. It shows a lack of respect for the strength of our sexual desires. Paul urged young women to "give the enemy no occasion for reproach" (Titus 2:8). In other words, you don't set yourself up to be a target for gossip.

Thanks Jeff for your quick reply to my last question. To update you, she talked to her housing there and if such a situation does occur, they will move her or the guy to another unit, so all is well.