May God bless you all. I came across your great page and just thanked the Lord for that. Reading through it was just a great piece of God letting me know He has been listening to my questions and thoughts about the church. Recently I have been feeling pretty frustrated with how most churches or religious organizations including my denomination are conducting themselves. Church is so not the Lord's church anymore. It is sad and gets me even mad sometimes. I have children and teach them the Bible at home because they just waste their time in Bible school. This is true for most churches in our denomination. Also, kids choir and other activities (called ministries) work for the audiences (to be noticed or seen) and that is so sad. I have been thinking lately that church should just be simple Bible teachings without the unnecessary "frosting" that just adds empty calories to people's spiritual lives.

Anyhow, I was so glad to hear that at least somewhere a group of believers are trying to keep things by the Book. I pray to God that He would keep directing you to do His will and that His will is performed in your life as well as your church's.


Thank you so much for the encouragement.