Should I leave a denomination that accepts homosexuality?


Read your article about homosexuality in churches these days. I have tried to explain to people that when you accept Christ he says our old ways are in the past and we are new. But like you said people state I think they are born that way. Our church recently put a picture of two lesbians who have married in our state in our newsletter. I felt this wasn't right since our demonination states that this lifestyle is not accepted in Christianity. My question is: Should I consider leaving this church? I am very torn. Even if I do not condone this lifestyle, am I wrong for staying?

Thank you. Your article has answered a lot of my questions.


When a church is willing to go against the clear teachings of God, you know it is not a group that will help you get to heaven. Find a church that actually follows God. This is what I John is about. See I John 2:3-6 in particular.

The very notion of denominationalism (division) in the church is contrary to the teachings in the Bible.. See: We Are Simply Christians Without Being Members of Any Denomination, You Can be Too!