How do I convince my atheistic dad?


Hi Jeffrey,

I have a question in regards to my father:

My dad is a good man. He provides for me and my family (divorced from my mom for years now) and he never hesitates to help us when needed. My dad however does not believe in God. One statement he likes to use is "If there is a God, why are there thousands of kids dying in Africa every day." He's also very disrupted of the worlds monetary system and how big corporations control most of the worlds wealth, basically the corruption of government and democracy etc.

I do, however, agree with him on some of these basis. Then he gets into the discussion of religion and states that religion is another form of control or slavery, just like money. These conversations typically happen between my mom and dad while I overhear them talking on the phone sometimes. It's a normal conversation and my dad always brings up Christianity with my mom and he tries to change her way of thinking.

My mom is a believer and defends God as we should, but my dad always rejects and well he just won't accept that God does indeed exist because of all the death, poverty, and famine in the world. I know we can't force him to change his way of thinking but we as Christians should always be ready to defend God in all circumstances right?

I pray for my dad that he opens his heart and mind (He calls us closed minded!). He's always looking for information that disproves the existence of God. At one point in his life he wasn't like this. He never really spoke about God but it's as if he hates him. I think this change occurred when he lost his house 2-3 years ago I'm not sure though. I strongly think that my Dad does in fact believes in God but something is preventing him from accepting.

I'm asking for any advice you may have regarding my and my mom's defense of God toward my dad. I know that Jesus said that one who blasphemes the Holy Spirit isn't likely to repent but I love my father very much and I strongly pray for him.

If you want to know, The Zeitgeist movement (not sure if you've heard of it) is what got my dad "hooked" on the worlds problem and his unbelief towards God.

Thank you for your help and support.


Your dad believes that the only way God could exist is if His creation had no ability to make independent choices -- no free will. See: Why Do Bad Things Happen?

No reply will ever be good enough for your dad because he chooses not to believe. This isn't a matter that he doesn't see some critical evidence. I suspect he sees it quite clearly, but rejects it and searches out reasons to justify his rejection.

Just point out the flaw in his argument and then go on living for Christ. Perhaps one day he will change his mind.

I understand. I had a big cry before going to bed praying that my dad finds his way to Christ. I can only pray that he accepts to believe. Thanks for the reply and God bless.