Will this site continue if anything happens to you?


Hi there brother Jeffrey,

I found your web site months ago and was amazed at the all the questions that have been asked by so many with sensitive hearts who what to know what God says about matters in life. It was even more amazing that this site provides biblical answers to those questions. I'm so thankful for the good work that you are doing to the glory of our Lord.

At times I feel like Paul in so many of his writings and the work with those in and out of the church. I can't help but wonder if the service on this site will still continue if anything ever happens to you (may the Lord forbid).

May the Lord bless your and yours for the endeavors to His cause.


I have no idea what will happen to this site after the time of my departure comes. I know that if I ever move, I'll bring the contents with me to the next work. But what happens after my death will be up to other people.