Did I make a mistake telling him I am not letting him go?



I have a huge problem, I am dating a guy with a kid. He doesn't live with the kid; he says he has issues with the mom. At first I didn't mind dating him, but now it's bothering me a lot. He goes to see the baby and sleeps the same room with the baby's mom. I feel like he disrespected me.

Then there's a time we argued because I took his phone and started chatting with her. But he's the one who started the game, he took my phone and started to chat with my friend.

The other problem is he never spends time with me. Every time I ask him if he's free, he always has an excuse. Since then we have broken up and it's even worse. He rarely calls or says he cares about me. Did I make a mistake by telling him I am not letting him go? I love him and I think he loves me too, but he needs to be told how to treat his girlfriend. 

Please help because I am stressed.  Thank you.


With the few things you have told me, I am puzzled why you are continuing to see this man.

He claims that he has issues with his child's mother, yet he spends nights with her. Look at a person's actions, they are closer to the truth than what a person says (Matthew 7:16-20).

You claim to be in love, but you don't treat each other with respect. He doesn't make time to be with you. Read Love is ... and Love is Different. You are discussing love as if it is a vague feeling and not as a choice to be dedicated to another person. You may have been infatuated with him at one time, but it has not developed into true love.