Is it proper for my boyfriend to flirt with other women?


I read one of the answers you gave a girl about kissing her old boyfriend while she was dating another guy, and she felt guilty about it. You said they were not married so it was OK.

If my boyfriend and I have an understanding that we're not going to date anyone else, and there is no hugging and kissing anyone else, then are you saying it's OK for my boyfriend to kiss some of these girls that come by his shop on the lips and to hug and cut up with them the way men do -- things that they wouldn't do around me or their momma? Is it OK for his ex-girlfriend from 26 years ago to call him 2 -5 times daily? I think he went and met her. She live a few states away.

I have guy friends that I talk to once every couple of months but not every day.  He has two young girls (his own kids age) who ask him to meet them for drinks or go out to eat with them, which he hasn't gone that I know of. Now that I have gotten upset, he won't tell me anything. He says I get mad, but what I get mad at is I know he's lying to me. Help.


I believe I found the question and answer that you referred to; however, I did not say that what was done was OK. I pointed out that claiming to be a boyfriend or girlfriend carries no enforceable commitment. No sin occurs by talking to past boyfriends or girlfriends or even by giving a chaste kiss. This doesn't mean that the girlfriend or boyfriend shouldn't be upset about the other chasing after other men or women.

What you have a is a man who claims to be your boyfriend, yet who flirts with women at a minimum. It would seem to me that this is sufficient evidence that he isn't husband material. He doesn't show evidence of wanting to be faithful to one woman. The process of dating without sex for a period of time is, in part, to discover weaknesses like this so that a permanent marriage to someone unsuitable can be avoided.