How do I deal with my boyfriend's parents if we get married?


Good morning,

I have a question regarding my boyfriend and I and his parents. Both his parents have gotten divorced and remarried. His mother and her husband still attend worship. I don't think his father does. We are a part of the Lord's church. How is he supposed to interact with his parents (socially or not, calling to say hello, just having a relationship, etc.), as well as myself not knowing if either or both remarriages are unscriptual. Does this affect us in considering each other for marriage?


First, you don't make decisions based on a lack of information. "Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment" (John 7:24). The fact that his father left the church and that his mother remains in the church is a hint. Simply ask what led to the divorce.

If a Christian has a parent living in sin, he still have obligations to honor his parents. See: How do I honor abusive, ungodly parents?

Who his parents are does not tell me anything about who he is. You are considering marrying this man, not his parents. Now, in marrying him, you will have to deal with his parents. They will want to see the grandchildren, as well as their son. But your daily life will be with your husband and your children.