Your piece on the use of mechanical instruments in worship was confusing


I read your piece and reasoning on the use of mechanical instruments in worship and could not make any sense of what you were trying to talk about. It sounded like it was written by a Jehovah witness. To say it was confusing would be an understatement and we all know who the author of confusion is don't we?


Since God did not authorize mechanical instruments in His worship in the New Testament, what is recorded in the Bible is not confusing. Early Christians didn't find it confusing either, they wrote about why they were not like the Jews and did not use instrumental music. One must conclude that you claim confusion because it doesn't match your expectations.

Such is not unusual. The disciples were often confused by Jesus' teachings on forgiveness (Luke 17:3-5), his teachings on divorce (Matthew 19:9-10), his teachings about his death (Matthew 16:21-22), etc. Jesus' teachings weren't unclear or confusing. They only didn't match what people expected or wanted.

Since this site contains multiple articles, sermons, and answers to questions on the topic of instrumental music, I am left to wonder which one you find unclear. Since you did not bother to state why you found the reasoning unclear, I am left to conclude that you are merely wanting to express your displeasure at a cherished belief being dismantled and you have no way to prove it wrong; therefore, it is easier for you to "shoot the messenger" than to come up with a reasoned rebuttal.