What is Chrislam?


What is Chrislam? Is it a widely accepted religion? Are follower of this faith allowed to marry anyone either Christian or Muslim. I have seen usually people with Christian family background adapted to this theory, but how its possible that you travel in two ships together?


You cannot. Christianity and Islam are not compatible religions. Christianity understands that God is composed of three beings: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Islam declares there is only the God they named Allah. While Christians know that Jesus is the Son of God who brought salvation to a lost and dying world, Muslims claim that Jesus was just another significant prophet and only a man. Muslims refuse to believe that Jesus died on the cross, let alone arose from the grave. Teachings of the two religions on how to live life and live with others is also different.

There are actually two movements that call themselves Chrislam. Both originate in Nigeria; one starting in 1970's and the other starting in 1999. The two together are said to have about 1,500 followers, so it not a widely accepted religion.

What these groups do is take what they like from Bible and from the Qur'an and discard the rest. One of the two group claims that both the Bible and Qur'an are incomplete, so a new book is being written, which is really not surprising. It is just another false religion.