Do I marry the woman from my church or the woman I never met but have talked to for 10 years?


There is one woman that I love since I met her last ten years ago, though we could never meet outside. It's like love at first sight. I don't know why I fell for her, we've never been together, except chatting online, since she works in other country. I even couldn't get a chance to talk with her face to face so far. I proposed her two times online and she rejected me. She is in a relationship with other man. I am now 26 years old and I met a woman in my church. She is a perfect and a God-fearing woman. I am in a relationship with her for six months now. Honestly, I chose her not by heart but by brain. Until now the first lady is still on my mind. Should I marry the lady from my church? Please give me suggestion in this complicated situation.


You are not in love with woman you met ten years ago. You are infatuated with her. You know very little about her, other than what she has chosen to tell you. The rest you have made up in your imagination. Thus, in truth you are in love with your own imagination.

Love is a choice and not a feeling. Your choice to love someone leads to wonderful feelings, but the feelings are not the love, on the consequences of love. I would like you to read two articles and see who you really love: Love is Different and Love is ... .

The woman you are dating is real. She can't hide much from you because you see her regularly. Drop your connection to this other woman. She doesn't deserve a place in your life. It shouldn't be hard, she rejected you twice and is with someone else. Accept the reality of the situation.