A strange just invited me to come to his house any time. What should I do?


I have a question relating to something that happened to me today. I was walking to the shops in prayer and this man in about his late 30s saw me. He came and asked me for my name and told me about himself. He then suggested that I could come to his house any time. Turns out this man is a Muslim and lives very close to me. The problem I also have here is that I find it very random that a man would ask a random 20 year old to come to his house any time. I asked God moments after for His wisdom. What should I do?


Don't go. The most probable reason he wants to meet you in the privacy of his home is for sex. It would be fine to meet him some place in public, but even then I would suggest having a friend accompany you. It is sad that given he current state of the world, you cannot trust strangers, but anything you need to accomplish can be better and more safely done in public.