How do I choose a college?


How do I know if I'm on the path God wants me to be on? I've been praying every night for a sign of where to go and what to pursue. I've looked into other colleges before but they've never worked out. It doesn't surprise me though, I never prayed about any of them. I'm currently looking into two right now; one where I want to study the topic I'm most interested in and the other is at a Christian college, where I can study something else. It is also the same school the girl I'm interested in goes to. I definately don't want to go to a school just because a girl I like is going there, but I also don't want to go into field just because I hope to make a lot of money someday. I feel like going to one would make me miss out on something from the other and it is a sacrifice. There are also small challenges with both schools such as distance from home, and difficulty in the workload as well as tuition assistance. I like both schools equally, and I don't know what to do; I'm simply waiting for a sign. 


First, I want you to read: Should we ask for signs like Gideon did?

Second, God expects you do to do what you can. He takes care of the things you can't do.  You are able to make this decision. If for some reason this isn't what God wants you to do, you'll find your way blocked. Things will just not work out.

So, let's work on deciding what is a better choice. Get out two sheets of paper. Divide both into two columns.  Put one college at the top of one paper and the other college at the top of the other paper. In the left column put all the positives you can think of about going to that particular college. In the right column, put all the negatives you can think of about going to that college. Give yourself several days to work on it.  When you are done, look at each point and rate each one: important, neutral or doesn't matter. I suspect before long the better choice will be very clear.