Can the church rent a house on land it bought for future expansion?



I was just wondering if maybe you could tell me if there is a biblical answer for this situation. A congregation of the Lord's church just bought land ajoining the land the building where we meet sits on right now. It was purchased to expand at a later time (no time soon). If we didn't purchase it, we would not get another chance. There is a house on the land and it has been brought up in the men's business meeting that we should fix up the house and rent it out. I am against the whole idea because I feel like the Lord's church is not in the real estate business and when I voiced my opinion I was told it does not say in the Bible it would be wrong. My idea was to sell the house (as is) and use the money to help pay for the land that came with it that we need for future purposes. But I don't think we should be in the real estate business of house renting to pay for the land because that still leaves us with a house we don't need, will have to keep up, and sell for profit later. That's not how the Lord's church is supposed to support itself. Sorry this was so long. Any biblical help would be appreciated. 


The wrong point was made in the business meeting. If you cannot justify something from the Bible, then it cannot be done since the Bible contains all things pertaining to life and godliness (II Peter 1:2-4). The statement that it does not say in the Bible that it would be wrong is an admission that it isn't godly. See: Biblical Authority and the "Silence" of the Scriptures: Does it Allow or Disallow?

God authorized the church only to raise funds through voluntary offerings (I Corinthians 16:1-2). Anything else is unauthorized.