Do I have to kick my boyfriend out now that I've become a Christian?


I am 21 and I have been in a relationship and living with my boyfriend for seven years. I have recently become a Christian. What are God's views on sharing a bed together? So far, since becoming Christian, I have stopped any sexual activity with my boyfriend. He isn't Christian but is willing to accept my choice because God makes me happy. I don't want to end my relationship with him or kick him out because that would render him homeless, but I also don't want it to affect my relationship with God. Please help me.


I'm puzzled at what happened to the option of getting married. I wonder why people don't consider this first. In regards to sharing a bed with someone you are not married to, you are being naive to think that sex won't eventually take place. See: Is living together, but not sleeping together, a sin?

You cannot be a faithful Christian and have sex with someone you are not married to (I Corinthians 6:9-10). You cannot set a proper example for others while giving the impression that you sin.