I love that you have a repository for answers to many thorny questions.



I have written before expressing my appreciation for your web site. I especially expressed how appreciative I am of the question and answer or Ask section. I love that the Lord's church offers a repository for many thorny and often taboo subjects you have tackled. It is, I believe, so vital that the Lords church not wince at the many perplexing things people get mixed up with and seek guidance on what is right.

My query as it pertains to permission is I wanted to ask if it is alright to use resources from your site to assist in preaching or lessons. I am not a preacher, just a member, but there is an opportunity coming up to fill and do a sermon in place of our preacher as he will be away. I didn't think it was right to just assume you wouldn't mind.

Thank you for your consideration. Also thank you again for your web site. It is been a great resource in my personal study. I feel it is likely the most comprehensive site by a church of Christ on the web I have come across.


As per the bottom of every page, all material on La Vista's site is free to be reused in whole or in part, so long as it is not being sold and that the original authors are acknowledged. I want people to use the material, so go for it.