Thank you for your material on Catholicism


Mr. Hamilton,

You do not know me, nor do I know you. I have never visited your church, nor will I ever. I live several states away; thus, our physical meeting will most likely never take place. Despite all of this, I would like to offer a personal "thank you". "Why" do you ask? Because your church's web site helped me come to a better understanding on a particular subject. Catholicism to be precise.

I have been interested in Catholicism for some time now. Not because I desire to practice it's doctrine, I claim to be a Christian, but because I have often questioned Catholicism. My purpose is to understand the Catholic religion so as to better argue it's ridiculousness to the Catholics within my life. It is my perception that one is ignorant or cannot make a sound argument if their predicates are invalid. Often I receive the counter statement: "What makes Christianity right and Catholicism wrong?" Your web site offered dates and facts -- yes, I checked several of them for validity -- concerning Catholic deviance from God's Scriptures that will help me in my spiritual fight against the Catholics in my life.

I plan to save the address of your web site for future reference when dealing with Catholics. It is not my sole weapon against Catholicism, but will serve nicely as needed. So on behalf of a Christian trying his best to evangelize to those that would hear, I thank you for having a quick and savvy reference available to me.


I'm glad are getting use out of the material.