Is staying home because of an illness "forsaking the assemblies?"



I read a section of your website that had to do with "not forsaking the assembling." Could you give me your thoughts considering the following:

Because I have been very low physically (adrenal fatigue State II and related diagnosis of hypoglycemia and extreme hormone imbalance) I have not attended church these last two months. The reason I am even looking at the subject is because I am trying to be honest with myself and not making excuses. I also want to attend when I regain my strength as well as switch to an evening service so I don't miss my early lunch which plays a large part in stabilizing my blood sugar level for the day. Since I love being around people, especially Christians, and have done so faithfully for 25 years, I don't fear I will fall away. It is just that I don't want to fool myself because sin can be a tricky thing: so I am boldly researching and praying all along the way.

I am so driven - a great reason I have these health issues - that I don't want to go before I am ready or because I am guilting myself into it.

What I do is meet with dedicated Christians any opportunity (as health permits actually), speak with them on my phone, stay in touch with God through his word and prayer and these two things: take care of my son, visit my aunt (which is a small job I have and can do) and take care of myself.

Church services are so long these days with worship music I can hardly stand that long. I am thinking of going to a more quiet, small church that has a Sunday evening service and I believe if I find that right match, that may work for a time or permanently as God guides. The recovery time for the adrenal condition is about 3-6 months. I had been so severe before the diagnosis which was very recent, that even walking about the house was a chore. This from a woman who used to win races at long distance running. In fact, that is an exercise I have since learned I must avoid.

But in the meanwhile I feel angst probably because I have been in legalistic churches in the past and I also know the chance to rational-LIES is present in the human psyche.

I am wondering any thoughts you may have that I may consider.


"Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching" (Hebrews 10:25).

The word "forsaking" translates the Greek word enkataleipo, which means to desert, abandon, or leave. You haven't abandon the worship of the saints or chosen convenient excuses not to go. You've been hindered from attending because of an illness. I hope you get better soon.

Yes, I'd have to agree. I wonder I did not look up that word "forsake!" My favorite verse is that He would never "forsake" us.

Thanks for the encouragement.