If I dream a woman wanted me, does not mean we are married?


I was in a dream one night and saw a lady in my church trying to sleep with me. I ran away from but she was desperate. Her younger brother, with her in that dream, was asking me why I don't want to marry his sister. Physically,she was not the one I had in mind.

In reality at one point she displayed her interest in me, but I was not interested. A time came that I changed my mind toward her. I started pursuing her until one day when we went out to eat. I brought up the issue of marriage, but she never gave me a yes or no answer. Finally she told me what her mother said and for that reason she refused.

Do I say that she is my real wife or not based on the dream I had earlier and her physical closeness before this refusal? I need to know what to do about this.


By "physical closeness" I hope you do not mean you were engaging in sexual acts with this woman, such would be sinful.

Neither dreams nor sexual acts create a marriage. Marriage comes because two people voluntarily make a covenant of marriage with each other. "Yet she is your companion and your wife by covenant" (Malachi 2:14). You know you were not married to her because you asked her to marry you. She declined your offer. As hard as it is on your pride, you have to find another woman to marry.