What should a woman do who suspects her husband's prior divorce was not for scriptural reasons like he originally claimed?


I have a very dear friend of mine who is afraid she may be in an unscriptural marriage. We are both members of the Lord's Church so we both understand what this means. She divorced her first husband due to adultery and remarried her current husband, who is a Christian also, a couple of years ago. He had also been divorced supposedly for the same reason. So, he should have been able to remarry. But now his story has changed regarding the details of why he divorced. Now she has a number of reasons to doubt if she is in a right relationship. She asked him about it and he will turn things around on her and becomes defensive and then changes the subject. She just doesn't know what to do.

The congregation they attend are very wishy washy regarding the subject and will not really help her to know what to do. Her husband has been a member there for a while, but she started attending shortly before they married. I am at a loss. You have answered some questions with the truth in the past so I know you would be able to address this question in the same way.

I would appreciate any help.


I've run across this before. In one case the woman looked up the man's previous wife and ask her why the divorce took place. What shocked her was to find out that the first wife was a devote and faithful Christian who never remarried, even though she had the right to do so. I would make the same recommendation: locate and ask the prior spouse.